Bring Back The Blazer

Remember those formal sports jackets you might vaguely remember wearing to work everyday back at the start of the year? Those same blazers you felt like a million dollars wearing to weddings and party’s. Well it’s about time you pulled them out from the back of the wardrobe.

Now that we can venture out and socialise again (within the guidelines of course) we’ve pulled together a few ideas of how you can wear your favourite blazers and sports jackets in a more relaxed, casual way – steering clear of the formal shirts and big Windsor knots – unless that’s what you’re into!

If you’re investing in a new sports jacket or blazer try choosing one with a subtle pattern or a tweed fabric – something with texture. Shiny, block colours can give off a uniform vibe that you might make you feel like you’re back at school. We all like to feel a few years younger but this is just a little too far!

Layer your two-button blazer or double-breasted blazer over a simple knit or a rollneck wool sweater – a great style option as the winter months roll in. Layer under your blazer in accordance with the silhouette of your jacket to ensure you don’t lose that strong, smart structure.