Clinging onto Comfort

Have your comfortable clothes started to become an extension of who you are during the lockdown period? Well thankfully coming out of lockdown doesn’t mean you have to relinquish your comfortable clobber.

Granted some guys will be eager to get back into their favourite pre-pandemic styles, and that’s great, but a lot more of us have become accustomed to the level of comfort that working from home has gifted us.

So, how do you bring your indoor style outdoors?

Here’s a few idea’s of how you can dress to stay within your new comfort zone. Loose fitting cardigans and sweatshirts, easy-to-wear shirts teamed jeans and casual trousers will make you feel smart and dressed, ready to embrace the outdoors fashionably and comfortably.

If the idea of jeans or trousers is too daunting you can still sport your tracksuit bottoms and jogpants. Simply pair them with a classic pique polo shirt, a ¼ zip sweatshirt and clean trainers for a smart, outdoor appropriate look.

Check out some of our favourite, comfy style below: