How To Dress For The Heatwave

The sun is out, brilliant! You look at your wardrobe, not so brilliant.

Don't run the risk of big sweat patches, clingy clothes, and all round discomfort - be prepared for when next the sun shows its face with a few staple pieces in your wardrobe.

Here's a simple set of guidelines we always follow to ensure maximum comfort and style, especially in a workplace setting.


Keep it semi-casual

The one good thing that came from the global pandemic is that we now live in a much more casual world. When a heatwave hits, the last thing you want to be wearing is formal, rigid, stifling clothing like restrictive ties and hot, leather shoes. You can still look smart in more casual options, especially if you need to dress for an office setting.

Look towards t-shirts, short sleeve shirts and shorts. You might think, "Shorts to work? No way!", but it all depends on the type of shorts. Obviously you know gym shorts are strictly for working out, not for work, but let’s get a little more specific. "You want to look professional, so you should also avoid going too short or too tight. About an inch above the knee and with an inch of give in the hem is perfect. Chino shorts are generally good, but if they still feel too relaxed then tailored shorts are a slightly more formal option.", says stylist Millie Rich writing for 

The material you choose is also very important if you want to adopt a smart appearance. Avoid denim, nylon, and jersey in more formal settings.



That’s your bottom half sorted, now what do you wear on top?

A shirt will always smarten up a pair of shorts and prevent them from looking to casual. You can add a utility jacket or an unstructured blazer or sports jacket for your commute to tie the whole look together and nail that smart-casual style. Aim for something loose and breezy and avoid anything “too smart” like a tie or structured suit jacket. If the contrast between the top half and bottom half is too stark then the shorts will start to stand out and look out of place.


And no outfit is complete without the right footwear.

There’s a lot of leg on display from where your shorts end and your shoes begin. Overly formal footwear will look and feel clunky. Pack away the high-shine lace-ups while the sun is out and opt for something more relaxed. “You want something low-key,” Millie says. “Suede is a great material for the summer because it breathes. Loafers, suede trainers or even suede Oxfords could work, so long as they’re lightweight and not too heavy-duty.”


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