What to Wear on Christmas Day?

Growing up we remember looking so forward to getting all dressed up in or new clothes on Christmas Day – I don’t think that excitement ever really left us! Except now we can choose what we wear ourselves without our parents’ input!

Just because we might not be able to travel to see our loved one’s this Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy getting dressed up in your new gear. Depending on the dress code of your house this Christmas Day, you can stay snug while looking sleek effortlessly.

Why not treat yourself to a new wool carcoat? We have some beautiful pieces by Erla of Sweden that will carry you through season after season. Team your new coat with a pair of Club of Comfort trousers – they are the perfect hybrid of comfort and style. Or do your wardrobe a favour by adding a pair of Mustang jeans to it!

Depending on your personal preference you can add a dress-shirt or a smart casual shirt for a more formal look. If you prefer a more casual look they why not swap the shirt for a turtleneck so you can look festive without feeling too laidback.