Working from Home

As many of us might be returning to the Working From Home environment, let’s make sure we don’t make the mistakes of the past and give into the temptation of rolling out of bed in the morning and doing a days work in the same clothes we slept in. 

Stick to your routine. Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast and face the day just as you would if you were in the office – but with the added bonus of once again being able to wear your favourite lounge wear. Your favourite joggers and hoodies might have seen better days so maybe it’s time to invest in a few new pieces. A number of new items can lead to increased self esteem and a more productive workday – without having to leave the house! 

When shopping for new working from home (WFH) wear try to focus on pieces that balance form and function. On top choose soft materials and fabrics like jersey or cotton with an added smart edge like collars, crew necks and quarter zips. 

On the bottom you’re free to keep it casual with a smart pair of joggers or a pair of Club of Comfort trousers – the elasticated waistband will make you feel like you’re wearing sweatpants but without the hassle of feeling like you need to change if you have to pop out.