How to style a man's quarter zip sweatshirt during the winter time

Lerros wine 1/4 zip men's sweatshirt

Styling a man's quarter zip sweatshirt in winter

Have you recently purchased a 1/4 zip sweatshirt and are unsure what to wear it with? Well not to worry, we here at Leaders Menswear are here to help. Follow these simple steps and you'll be dressed to impress in no time! 

  1. Layer it over a long-sleeved shirt. A quarter zip sweatshirt looks great layered over a long-sleeved shirt. Choose a shirt in a complementary color, such as a navy blue or grey. 

  2. Add a coat. To keep warm in the winter, layer a coat over your quarter zip sweatshirt. Try to choose a coat in a neutral color, like brown, black or navy. 

  3. Accessorize. Add a scarf, hat, and gloves to complete the look. Choose accessories in colors that complement your quarter zip sweatshirt and coat.

  4. Wear jeans or casual trousers. To keep your look casual, pair your quarter zip sweatshirt with a pair of jeans or a pair of your favourite casual trousers. Complete your outfit with a pair of comfortable trainers (or runners) but opt for a stylish, fashionable pair rather than the one's you wear running or at the gym!