Reasons we love..... Farah

Founded in Texas in 1920, Farah originally designed workwear so it’s safe to say that they know a thing or two about well-constructed, durable clothing.

In the 1970’s Farah was re-born in the UK and thus is now a brand that is considered to be quintessentially British. Farah is most popularly known for it’s slim, sharp, hopsack canvas trousers. They become a staple brand playing a key part in the style of Rude Boys, Mods and Casuals and Farah trousers were also widely worn across the indie music scene in the nineties.

“When you have almost a century of history behind you, it’s all too tempting to get lost in heritage, but while we’re proud of the years behind us, Farah aims to only look to our yesterdays so much as they inform our tomorrows.”


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In the present day, Farah is focused on providing men with the right clothes from which they can confidently create their own style. Each season Farah realise a line of both classic styles as well as trend-led pieces – altogether timeless pieces that live in your wardrobe ready to be worn at any time.



More reasons why we love Farah……..

Farah trousers are using the weave Hopsack. It’s a lightweight, breathable wool that’s super practical because it’s a strong fabric that’s naturally wrinkle resistant. It’s quite a distinctive texture too that’s quite identifiable and adds to its character.  

Basically, Farah trousers are relatively low maintenance, durable, easy to wear and look great! What are you waiting for?


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