Style Tips for Broad Blokes - Let’s Talk Shirts

Style Tips for Broad Blokes 

Broadly built men, i.e. those with a wide shoulder span or guys who carry a lot of weight in the stomach region, either to the front or the sides, will want to strive for a balanced look that will make their clothes look as though they’ve been made for them and not just a big piece of cloth resembling a sack hanging over a frame and doesn’t fit well. 

When online shopping you might notice that many items of clothing in the Big and Tall sections are described as slimming. While that might be your objective these items of clothing don’t tend to be the most attractive and although you might look “slimmer” you might not look good. It’s better to shop for styles and fits that work with your shape rather than trying to hide it. 

We’ve all heard that vertical stripes make you look slimmer but let’s not go overboard. Especially if you’re a tall, broad man, too many vertical stripes will just make you look drawn out. Instead opt for decorative patterns and even subtle floral prints on top that will draw the eye and distract the viewers gaze. 

What kind of fit should you go for when shopping for shirts for big, burly men? 

If you are buying shirts that are going to be tucked in, whether you’re shopping for dress shirts, formal shirts, casual shirts or pique polo shirts, we also advise you abide by the same rule – buy shirts that are long enough to tuck in all the way around but try to ensure they are fitted enough so as that you are not left with a bulk of excess material around your waist area when you tuck it in. This rule applies to men who are tall and thin as well as men who are tall and broad. You want a loose fit that’s comfortable and disguising but not so loose that it looks sloppy. 

Collars – it might sound obvious but you must make sure that the collar of any type of shirt that you buy is loose enough to button us without pinching you. This will ensure your comfort, first and foremost, and it will also make sure it doesn’t make you look like you’re squeezed into the shirt – or have people fearing the button might pop at any moment and take their eye out! 

We hope we these simple tips help you when you’re next shopping for shirts. As always we’re happy to help guide you on your purchasing journey, just reach out and contact us. You can reach us by phone at 021 427 2475. If we don’t answer don’t give up, just leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. You can also email us at