Sustainable Style

At Leaders Menswear we are constantly making conscious efforts to expand on our collection of sustainable men's clothing. We are firm believers that everyone should have the option to go sustainable if they so wish – or at least be able to make small efforts towards building a more sustainable wardrobe. 

Here’s some small changes you can make to start off your sustainable journey.

When you’re shopping for new clothes take an extra moment to ask yourself, “Is this something that I’ll actually wear and get a lot of use out of?”. If yes, then proceed to the checkout. 

Quality over quantity. Buy clothes that will last. It might sound obvious but avoid anything that looks as though it’s likely to fall apart or wear out after a few washes – FYI you will never find anything like that at Leaders Menswear. Say no to fast fashion. 

Look after your clothes. Treat them right and they’ll treat you right. Okay we don’t expect you to wrap yourself in bubble wrap or anything like that but just take heed of the washing instructions, follow what they tell you and you’ll inevitably increase the lifespan of your clothes. 

The Afterlife. 

What do you do with your old clothes that you may have grown tired of or maybe they just don’t fit quite like they used to? Do you simply throw them away? Many materials and textiles can in fact be recycled and even reused. If your garments are still in good condition you should consider donating them or maybe pass them on to someone else – vintage clothing is all the rage at the moment. 

Shop Sustainable.

At Leaders Menswear we are trying to do our bit to promote sustainability which is why many of our t-shirts and shirts are 100% cotton. We also have a fantastic range of sustainable jeans by some of your all-time favourite brands. 

Here’s a look at some of our top sustainable picks:


Redpoint Milton Eco Jeans 


These are Green Planet - Analine Free Denim (No NH2)

Here's some of the other great benefits: 

  • Less water and less chemicals used in the manufacturing process
  • Less energy used in the production process 
  • Made from recycled cotton
  • Modern regular fit
  • 5 Pocket Western Style


Wrangler Texas Slim Jeans
These jeans are made in a much more eco-friendly way to their standard Wrangler counterparts. It takes a lot of water and energy to create denim's recognizable indigo shades. Wrangler has developed Indigood to change the way it dyes it's fabric, including a new innovative foam dying process that uses no water, a 100% reduction, and waste water is virtually eliminated! 
Next to that both the energy use and the waste are reduced by more than 60% versus conventional denim dyeing.
However, these jeans still have all the classic Wrangler features that you know and love.
  • Slim fit
  • Traditional 5 pocket western style
  • Embossed leather logo patch on back pocket
  • Zip fly closing
  • W stitching on back pockets
Join the “Wrevelution”!
Mustang Washington Jeans 881 R
These Mustang Washington jeans combine timeless design with maximum comfort. These sustainable denim jeans are made of pure cotton guaranteeing maximum comfort, while the medium rise waistband and the body-hugging cut ensure a perfect fit. Intricate details like contrasting seams, label rivets and the subtle fabric wash round off the design of these Mustang jeans perfectly.
Some other great Mustang jeans features include:
  • Slim-Regular fit
  • Medium rise waistband sits comfortably under the belly button and the style is well suited to someone with medium to narrow hips.
  • Zip fly closing